Cat Enclosures

 Give your indoor cat their outdoor desire.

Every Sydney siders cat deserves the right to explore the outdoors. They adore their cats and they want to give them the best life possible with the exercise and stimulation they need to keep them healthy and happy but still keep them safe. Most people will do anything to keep their cat safe, including locking them up indoors. Keeping your cats safe is our first concern.

Still many cat owners refuse to lock away their companions and let them roam free and face the dangers of the unprotected outdoors. Every year thousands of cats are killed by cars, other animals, poison and human cruelty whist indoor cats have a 3 times higher life expectancy than outdoor cats.

Tradecrew cat enclosures with unobtrusive netting that won’t obstruct your view or become an eyesore is the lifestyle solution to your cats happiness and safety.

Call today and start the “cotton” ball rolling!